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Design Weaver was founded in 2017, on the love of beautiful fabrics and textures - and beautiful design.

In a society weighed down by the disposable, we wanted to shift away from 'fast goods' and focus on the hand made. Our principal is that the goods that we use and see every day, such as our furniture, homewares and our children's clothing, should be beautiful, unique and lasting.

With this goal in mind, our principals of production are minimal wastage and slow making. Most of what we produce is one off. None of it is made in a factory. There is a strong focus on reviving items that would otherwise be destined for the scrap heap - reinvigorating the old into highly desirable objects for modern living.


Surround yourself with beautiful textures and colours.


We love colour and texture in our fabrics.

Always on the lookout for something new, we source fabric from all over the world. Many of our fabrics are bespoke - hand embroidered or hand painted for us. Block printing and other slow, hand made processes are heavily featured. Natural fibres and hand loom have a strong presence, as do vintage and up-cycled fabrics. We utilise remnant fabrics that would otherwise go to land fill. 

Keeping with our minimal wastage philosophy, we even utilise our scraps for making buttons.